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Bundles of Joy — Our 3 Most Popular Chinese Baby Gifts!

It's so exciting to receive that birth announcement or red egg and ginger party invitation from a close friend or family member. There's a new baby on the way!

If you're like me, the next impulse is to think of a perfect gift, something to welcome the new baby to the world...or maybe just help out the bleary-eyed new parents.

Whether you're mailing a gift across the country or preparing to meet the new baby in person, here are the 3 most popular gifts selected in our Chinese American Family shop.

1. Premium Chinese Red Envelopes

Gift giving starts with lucky money in a Chinese red envelope. Our collection of premium red envelopes feature the Chinese characters for good fortune (福), happiness (满) and luck (祥), allowing you to choose the perfect sentiment. Luxurious paper, timeless designs and hot foil stamping combine to produce quality that's noticeable to the touch.

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2. Luck & Prosperity Fleece Baby Blanket (40" x 30")

This super soft fleece blanket is our most popular gift for new parents! Why? It's the colors. Red and gold, the most auspicious Chinese colors, combine to convey warm wishes for luck and prosperity. Machine washable with a sherpa backing and finished edges, it's perfect as a cuddle blanket, play mat, stroller cover or burp cloth.

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3. 2019 Year Of The Pig Baby Onesie

Our 2019 Year of the Pig onesie features a cute and contemporary design, making it a welcome addition to a baby's wardrobe. Made from ultra-soft wingspan cotton with a reinforced three-snap closure and available in red, pink and blue.

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Give these gifts with confidence! Both the Luck & Prosperity Fleece Baby Blanket and the 2019 Year Of The Pig Baby Onesie are frequently purchased with our Premium Chinese Red Envelopes to create a special gift set.

A great Chinese baby gift combines the contemporary with the traditional, the practical with the aspirational. It's a great opportunity for gift givers to beautifully balance Chinese and American influences in a gift’s design, materials and sensibility.

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