Silk Route Limited Greeting Card Collection (Set of 12)


Product Details:

  • This collection of 12 greeting cards featuring classic Chinese motifs is the perfect choice for the correspondent with an affinity for the finest.
  • Timeless Chinese designs, custom-printed on elegant Crane's Ecruwhite paper with 3-color engraving in red, green and gold, celebrate sentiments worth sharing.
  • Multiple designs make it easy to choose the perfect sentiment for Chinese New Year, birthdays, baby gifts, weddings and general correspondence.
  • Save time throughout the year. Simply store this collection in your desk drawer with your other family stationary.
  • Each blank greeting card measures 4.5 by 6 inches.

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Give The Perfect Gift Every Time.

Stationary from Silk Route Limited is the best of the best, fine stationary inspired by China and designed by an artist in San Francisco. Luxurious paper, timeless designs and 3-color engraving combine to produce quality that's noticeable to the touch.

The Silk Route Limited collection includes the following 6 designs:

  • Friends: Inspired by a favorite Chinese porcelain vignette called the "Three Friends of Winter," featuring bamboo, pine and plum that symbolize enduring strength and resilience.
  • Delight: Inspired by the Chinese style of indoor gardening made famous by the Japanese practice of bonsai that's also referred to as "scenery in a pot."
  • Promise: Inspired by a peony in full bloom, a symbol of spring, riches, fertility and peace.
  • Cherished: Inspired by the lotus flower, the most important flower in Chinese culture. The lotus flower symbolizes ultimate purity because it emerges from the mud untainted and beautiful.
  • Joy: Inspired by geese, birds that mate for life, and symbolizing marital bliss.
  • Eternity: Inspired by circular patterns used for garden tiles and carpet borders that repeat without end.